choosing my context

Yes, there is always context – some conception of the whole or of the broader picture within which i exist at a given moment and in which I feel and think and experience something and encounter the world or some event or person and respond to it…but what this context is, is a matter of choice. i can choose how to think about my context. context is something that i cognize and describe. it is something defined by the language and categories i use about my reality, the world, the people, the events and so on.

most of the times, people outsource the definition of their contexts to others (so called scholars who give us the terms that define the range of meaningful contexts for us: they use terms like the Islamic context, christian context, the post-colonial context, the traditional context, the nationalist context, scientific context, sociological context, legal context, the south asian context, the central American context, the modern context, the western democratic context and on and on and on).

In the languages of these contexts, something is lost. I am lost. Me, the human being who is a human being like all other human beings, is lost. The human context is lost. It is rejected as a useless context. it is uninteresting. it is naive. it is boring to think about the basic, shared human capacities and faculties and desires and fears and hopes and

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