67:2 He made death and life…

People sometimes say, ‘its good to keep death in mind…’. its depressing..its meant to make people realize that they are transient beings and will die someday..its meant to be a ‘reality check’…but it is half true only…one sees death all around and everyday and one seeks guidance from one’s maker about this…the claim in 67:2 is about death being a creation just like life..its in the hands of the one who gives life..and the claim is that no deed or action of mine is really good or wholesome for me if my end is death..for my life to amount to something, for any given action at any given time or moment to be meaningful and beautiful (ahsan), i need it to be a moment in a life everlasting..

i imagine death to be the end BEFORE revelation..revelation claims that my life, if lived in the name of the Living One, the maker and possessor of life, is safe with Him..death is a moment, a creation, in that eternal life not the end of the Living One’s life, to which I am to surrender (AFTER revelation) what i was ‘my life’ before revelation…to live thus is to live (and act) in a way that is wholesome and beautiful to my soul…

and so..if i see a grave, i see (before/without revelation) a sobering and even devastating blow to what i am doing in the world..as if to put all my deeds into question..with, In the Name of the Living One, that death becomes a moment in a life that is the Living One’s creation and should I surrender my life to the Living One, the grave brings Life to mind..the complete thought is to see death and to see that it is created as is life…to see that my deeds and my life and all that is beautiful and meaningful about it for me right now, is not subject to being destroyed and annihilated but continues eternally..and to thus live (and act) with actions that are beautiful/excellent…this is the complete thought for me…to just look at graves and feel sad about ‘oh..i am going to die’ is the first half of a thought that should lead me to revelation, which brings me back to Life lived beautifully when lived (and died) in the Name of the creator of life and death..

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