if i wasn’t careful, the people of lower, material life would have me feel that drinking a glass of tap water in my apartment is less potentially sacred than drinking from some sacred water well in some sacred land..that my soul’s thirst will be quenched when i visit such and such a place and that my current location and my surroundings are some sort of spiritual wasteland…that keeping company with certain kinds of people and not those others, listening to that kind of recitation and not this type of music, to express my feelings in this and not that language will bring me relief and so on and so on..

with religion, people have found a great excuse to give importance to matter…in the name of religion replaces in the name of God..for if people gave importance to material things (body, sensations, feelings, space, objects, events) in the name of the One who owns all and is glorified by all (and not some), they would not feel they live in wastelands from which they then make well-intentioned escapes into something new and exciting, something sacred in a world that is boring at best and cruel and unbearable at worst

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Faraz Sheikh

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