The Quran as Revelation

What I Understand

This is a partial record of my engagements with the Quran as revelation. If you would like to read what I understand, kindly visit the Blog page. What I have to say may or may not be useful or meaningful for you. Kindly exercise good judgment and discretion before you share this blog with others. I am happy to answer questions, clarify things or have a conversation. Feel free to reach out via email.

A disclaimer: the blogs are lots and lots of text, often poorly written, requiring much labor and charity from the reader. If the content interests you but the text is forbiddingly obscure and you would rather have a discussion about the ideas, I am happy to participate in a Zoom or Whatsapp discussion. I am a student of revelation and here I share with you what I learn and what truths and guidance I find when I take my maker and hence his message as my teacher and guide.

If anyone, for whatever mysterious reason, ever wanted to know what I had to say about any given verse of the Quran, this blog is where they should look.