what is the truth about the people of pharoh? and their killing the sons while leaving the women alive? what is the terrible suffering here that the people of pharoh inflict upon me and how is it also a trial from God? what is the parting of the sea and how does God save me from the people of pharoh?

My “people of the pharoh” who pursue me, torture me, who I think kill my offspring and leave alive my women are the moments of my life – the “natural” course of time that seems to give me endless potential to feel and do anything – see, hear, talk, hope, love, feel happy, feel sad. This possibility of action, of exercising choice and power to do something, to feel something, is with me and I think it is time or life or ‘the universe” that is giving me these possibilities. This same ‘time’ that i see making life possible for me also kills and annihilates the fruits, the sons, of my actions. When I love someone, my love for them (as a feeling or a loving action) passes with time and goes into nothing! it vanishes with small traces in memory but those too disappear with time. If and so long as I live life as if it is something I happen to have and can use to do something, whatevrer I do is lost once I do it. The universe that makes so much power and potential available to me (my women) make all my actions ultimately pointless and absurd (my offspring being killed). As I see my life, my loves, my projects, my actions, my relations going to naught, vanishing, dying, I am tortured without end. What was all this for? Where did it go? why did it go? why can’t i have it again or for longer? What will i do without everything that I love? my heart sinks and my soul is wounded and cries helplessly. The time that ruled the soul and pursued it, that seemed to give it its life and that killed its sons/fruits/outcomes, is the soul’s “aal-e-firaun”, the soul’s oppressors, the “party of pharoh” that take the position of the giver and taker of the soul’s potentials and of its actions. To this wounded and tortured soul pursued by the flood-like army of time (moments, days, years), God speaks and says it is me who created you, it is my Life with which you live (it is not the people of pharoh who keep your women alive – it is a trial from God for you to see this and reject the idea that the people of Pharoh are the source of life for your potentials/women). God says it is me, the sustainer, who is your source. You act in My Name when you live and love and hope and feel and see and talk and care about something and think and so on. And when you do something, that action is my creation – (verse 37:96 says “We create you and we whatever you do!”) and as my creation, it is from me and it returns back to me (and it is my trial to see this and acknowledge that it is indeed returning to God – i am asked to consciously return it to God, to give it back to Him as a “loan” because he is going to recompense me for returning/selling/loaning to Him, as a matter of choice, what is already His). God, then, saves me from the people of pharoh and from their killing of my actions (in my eyes) and their giving me life-potential and abilities to act (my women). If i turn over the source of my life and all its potentials and choices to God and I act in His name and see that He creates the outcomes (the love between me and someone, the care for someone, the speech, the sight – whatever I do in this world) that He takes unto Himself, that my actions are what I “send” to Him and that are safe and alive with Him, then I am saved from purposelessness and annihilation. God saves me by drowning the cold, unconcious, uncaring, puposeless flow of time that I think is drowning me! The people of phraoh are drowned so that what remains is God as the source and outcome of my life and my actions. I abide in God and all that i love abides in Him with me. I am saved with such a God. Praise be to this God who saves me!

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Faraz Sheikh

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