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I get shocked everyday. People are not bothered to find out if any given claim in some supposed revelation is true or not. They don’t celebrate the realization of truth like it was a light that took them out of some darkness. Instead, they want religion! They are interested in religious debates and doctrines and they argue about which sources support which position on this or that religious question! It is unbelievable! Truth has no cash value for people. They declare, by their turning to other endeavors and prioritizing talking about other matters, that truth does not suffice them. That they do not stand with it and support it and invite to it. Instead, they abandon those who seek out truth in revelation. I can’t wait for the day when I stand before truth and I witness the fate of those who, while they had the choice, chose the temporary comforts of identities and tradition and knowledge and community but did not bother to confirm as true what they claimed to be true.

Anyone who has any interest in truth, all their energies need to first go towards understanding how every verse of revelation, EVERY SINGLE VERSE, is true or not! No Command of a revelation is a command until it is known to be true. Nothing about a texst is “revelation” until it can be understood by me as a revealed truth!

People have abandoned the effort to try and verify the truth claims of so-called revealed books. If you are reading this, you too need to make a choice in your life. Nothing is without consequence in this world and so there has to be consequences to your choices in all worlds. Choose to spend your time and energy in looking for the truth of revelation. Support such work. Don’t support religion. Dont support the arbitrary division of human beings into different “faiths” that people can convert into or out of (what a nonsensical, non-Quranic idea that is, if there ever was one!..there is not such thing as a shahada in the Quran that one says to embrace or enter “Islam” – again, one of a million truthless things people would consent to than to look for truth and say ‘yes’ to only that which they find true).

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Faraz Sheikh

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