People of the elephant

Two elephantine things have so far become clear to me: my elephantine desires ( intense and powerful, immovable and irresistible) and my assumption about my elephantine powers and abilities (and equally huge trust in them) to bring about desired outcomes that can fulfill me and make me content. In both cases, I found myself beaten to a pulp by what seemed like punishing blows “out of nowhere”, as if rocks falling from the sky. Revelation claims these are sent on purpose. So that I can trust not my elephantine desires and what I imagine are my elephantine powers but the One who holds the keys to all life and all treasures and all power. When I become the one who sees myself asking, I find the giver. When I find myself taking by my own power what I need, I find myself beaten down into a pulp. If I want to get life by my own power, I find constant death and helplessness and the butchery of “time” which is slowly but surely killing me and making my body jelly like and my spirit bruised and battered. Go and try for yourself

Published by Faraz Sheikh

Faraz Sheikh

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