Struggle and inspiration

This post is not a direct engagement with a quranic verse but an observation. It seems to me that, for better or worse, a person who wants to inspire others to be grateful or wants to convince others of the value and truth of gratitude to God has to be a person who others see as living a life of struggles greater than their own. Otherwise people dismiss the caller unto gratitude as speaking down to them, hypocritically, from a place of privilege and ease. Perhaps for this reason and also because one cannot deliberately put oneself in a bigger struggle than what God has ordained for one already, not every person is going to be able to inspire every other person towards gratitude and peace of heart. And perhaps this is also why much of mankind gives authority, in matters of spirit and truth, to the ascetic monk-like figure than to a person living in relative comfort and abundance. Whether such an association between struggle and virtue ( of piety and authority) is warranted remains open to debate for me. There is some merit to the idea that a person who is in struggle or strife themselves would be able to relate to, and find authentic and convincing, someone else who knows what struggle feels like..but the association of struggle with material deprivation is a bias and judgment of a materialistic mind and hence a problematic judgment

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