Closer than ‘this’ to what is right

18:23-24 (kahf) I can only act on what I understand – whether I am aware of this understanding or not. My sense of what the best thing for me to do, thus, includes what I understand at “this” time i.e. at a given moment, as the best understanding or apprehension of truth. This attitude allowsContinue reading “Closer than ‘this’ to what is right”

Relationships & Surah al-nisa

What is a human relationship? How shall I think about my relationship with something else? The Quran asks me to ask this question in 4:1. I take it to be telling me that I am one party to the relation. The Quran makes me one party to a “pair”. I am always one party toContinue reading “Relationships & Surah al-nisa”

The language of revelation & the meaning of existence.

I want to share some things on the question of language. First, I read the Quran in English, mostly (when it is not my own translation, it is almost always Muhammad Asad’s translation). I do consult Lane lexicon regularly. In my view, knowledge of the Arabic language and knowledge of the meaning of the rootsContinue reading “The language of revelation & the meaning of existence.”

Understanding prophets as prophetic perspectives

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash What I find mentioned in a revelatory text, for instance the idea of of prophets and the idea of believing in prophets, I should expect and ask the text to explain. I should not rush outside the text towards tradition or culture to understand the concept. In my view, a fundamental choiceContinue reading “Understanding prophets as prophetic perspectives”