it is both simple and complicated. how much should i work? should i enjoy it? what if i dont? work a lot? just enough? not at all? is there a passion so strong that if i were to find and follow it, i would (like the cliche says), not have to work a single day of my life? you can try whatever works for is what i think.

all work can be a burden. and no work at all can be a burden. and any amount of work between those two points can be a burden. because the burden of work is the same as the burden of anything else and it comes to whether that thing (here, work) is true or false for the human spirit.

the truth of work for me, if i see it in the name of God, is His command to the soul to seek sustainence so that it can see the face of its Sustainer, be with its sustainer and provider and witness his order and wisdom and power and planning and other faces that are revealed in the seeking of sustainance. as much as i see the sustainer, as much as i feel he is real, he is there, he is sustaining, he is providing, the work and labor are satisfying. when i lose those faces and Him, the slightest labor is a burden because it lacks truth and goes nowhere except a graveyard called ‘the past’. my labor of years is either ‘in the past’ and the painful memory of al that fatigue is exhausting..or it is preserved as the joy of seeing my sustainer in my memory and as appreciation and adoration for Him in His knowledge.

so i should labor as much as reason tells me is needed to see the face of the provider and sustainer. truthful labor has meaning and its truth guides me about how much i need to do for my soul to be at ease. without truth, no amount of labor is enough and the tiniest labor is too much and so on…

what people call hussle or labor, i call my love of my sustainer and his sustenance..and my running to him and glorifying him by receiving his sustenance.

as for labor without truth, i should not do it..and to the exten that i do it, i am justly burdened and exhausted by it so that i might look for truth…

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