helplessness of the oppressed

There is nothing in this world, this lower realm, that does not indicate some reality that must already exist in the higher realm since this realm cannot exist, my reason says, without being given existence. The reality of things must exist in the permanent realm, with the source of all things and which must be the source of whatever is in this passing and therefore lower (lower to my soul) realm.

Have you seen people helplessly suffer at the hands of oppressors in this realm? I have. I have seen how people are unable to stop others from killing and harming them. I have seen helplessness in the face of brutality. And from what I have seen of it, there is little doubt in my mind that there is a realm, a higher realm, where suffering cannot be lessened or avoided, where the suffering cannot be escaped. It is hell. It is permanent. It is a reality reflected in this world and the oppressors are the mirrors to what they deny (the existence of a permanent, inescapable hell). Only someone who denies that there is utter helplessness in this world, the helplessness of innocents who are butchered irresistibly by those holding power and weapons, can come up with silly ideas about hell being not real or not being permanent and not being inescapable. From what I have seen in this realm, I have no doubt about the justice and wisdom and truth of a realm of absolutely irresistible suffering that shall not be averted. And so the promise of my Lord is true for me. Those who deny hell are its clearest evidence if they only but knew.

I am grateful that there is a place that I have seen signs of, a place which I shall never want to go because it is truly a place, a permanent and unending place, of irresistible suffering. Those who ignore the signs are punished by made unafraid of ever ending up in such a place. may all who acknowledge the signs be protected from such a miserable end.

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Faraz Sheikh

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