the illogic/dishonesty of the ethical

When I begin with the assumption, and it can only be an assumption until I could see its truth and it becomes truth for me, that my maker and the one who gives me my reason, my sense of right and wrong, my feelings, my agreeableness and disagreeableness towards or about something, is speaking to me in some text and he is saying something that is less beautiful, less good, less ethical, less amazing, less wise, less freeing, less egalitarian and is “guiding” me , in short, to something “lesser and lower” than what I already think or say about something, i run into illogic. Either the one speaking is not the one who gave me my reason and my sense. The one speaking may be god but my sense of things, what my reason says, is what I think and feel. it has nothing to do with god. it is my own. and in such a case, i am saying that i, as if naturally, own myself and my reason and i gave it to myself or anyone other than whoever made me gave it to me. This naturalism is illogical to me. I did not give my reason to myself. Nor can cells or time or patterns in the way things happen can give me life, reason, sense, likes and dislikes, meaning, need for truth and so on. To say that my sense of the ethical, whatever they may be, is mine and not given to me, is illogical.

Or i can say that my maker gave me my reason but with this limited reason, i can think better and higher than he does. this is illogical.

So i should either say, there isn’t any maker of me or this world and even if there is or was, this maker does not speak and does not speak in language to his creatures after giving them language and giving them need for answers. this at least is logical but ultimately not reasonable for me personally. but at least in this case, i am not expecting or looking for divine revelation in language.

But when i look for and find something that i assume to be my maker speaking, i should do two things if i am to be logical: i should assume that he is more reasonable than me and must say something higher, more beautiful than what I or any other creature might say and secondly, when i find something he says lesser and lower than what I think is reasonable and beautiful, i should either reach an understanding of it that makes it more reasonable and more beautiful than what i already think or i should reject it as my maker’s speech – i should conclude that this, as i currently understand it, is not my maker’s message or revelation…i can then either reject it and look for his message elsewhere or i should try to understand how, if at all, what he says is a higher and better meaning than what i currently have.

To keep saying about something ‘its Gods speech’ and to also keep saying ‘it is misogynistic and problematic and i am going to neither understand its goodness/truth nor ever reject it as divine speech is illogical and unreasonable. it is dishonest.

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