What do i do with what i have such that it would be excellent or beautiful to do?

has something excellent been done to me by my maker so that i too would do it? how is my doing it likened to his doing it?

Here is a thought: He has made known to me that life is beautiful but only if it is not destroyed and compromised by death and imperfections. But life of this world (and all the beauties attached to it) are compromised by death and imperfections. when i therefore seek the life of this realm alone, i find myself thrown into a conflict (fasad) and i find my soul not at ease with this conflict (clearly its Lord does not love it). when i see this life and this “portion” of perfection as a means/sign of what is to come eternally and perfectly, then the conflict is removed and my living and experience of limited perfections become perfect and beautiful. like God has given the news of perfection and eternal life to the soul, the news on account of which it protests death and imperfection, i too (like him) should use whatever life and perfection i see as a sign of what is to come eternally.

for example, dont extend care to my ageing parent or friend as only a limited care for a few more years of life or few more years of comfort in this passing world. extend the care ( dont ignore it!) and see through it the eternal and perfect care and life that God wants for them…without extending beyond death to eternal life, all the excellent care and goodness becomes a source of disagreeable conflict for me – i want life and comfort but there is death and discomfort! to ignore the souls need for eternal perfections and life, and to fail to use portions of life and pieces of perfection that i see as a means to seek eternal life and perfection is to contradict my soul’s God given awareness/need for what is truly excellent. it is to oppress my soul and suffer the displeasure of the soul with this oppression

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