“i dont believe in God”

So many folks in my world say, ‘i dont believe in God.’ mostly, i console myself by reminding myself that i likely do not know what they mean by believing or by god nor they what i may mean by the same. were it not for this consolation, i would find it compelling to think that such folks are either insane or liars. At other times i see they are indeed rejecting that the universe indicates the existence of an eternal, compassionate creator, sustainer, a Will and Power to whom belongs every single existing thing, the single beloved in all that is beloved and who would judge our actions (as he judges us here) when he makes us die and resurrects us (as he makes us die and resurrects us here everyday). such rejection of a compassionate sustainer by otherwise sane and intelligent people hurts something in me. it saddens me. and what i find worth sharing here about it is that most of these folks seem convinced that their rejection of a creator and ever-living, all-knowing sustainer is quite the honest and rational thing to do! that there is no evidence that could convince a rational person about the existence of such a creator and sustainer and divine judgment. what is saddening is that they think they have come to an irrefutable rational conclusion beyond which nothing remains to be said or seriously considered. and they imagine people believe in God because they are afraid of death or the unknown and afraid (without reason) of being punished in a life after death. such is the heedlessness of human beings. they take life and themselves and their feelings and thoughts and all of existences for granted..as if these are just there “naturally”. there is a tragic and devastating heedlessness here that i can only ask refuge from for myself for i have no power to make anyone realize it let alone overcome it..

and it seems to me that quite a few of them just want a lung for their freedom to breathe and discover truth and the freedom to distinguish truth and falsehood freely and not because of someone else’s commands or threats or arguments or convictions. and for this, for the love of truth freely and honestly affirmed as such, i shall not grieve that people reject and deny my presentation of truth. I shall hope that truth should find and guide them to itself to the extent they seek it and surrender to it…for those without an interest in or awareness of the truth that is the compassionate creator, owner and sustainer, i remain quietly turned to the merciful guide for my own heedlessness and need for mercy

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