Masjid al haram

Prostrating, for the soul, must be to something inviolable. Turning to the One who has no flaw, no death, no limit to his compassion, whose absolute and absolute compassion is inviolable turns the direction in which one prostrates ones body an inviolable place of prostration, a masjid al haram. If Wherever I turn is His face, then ( but only then) whichever physical direction I fall in prostration towards is masjid al haram. The mighty noble intentions of people who developed science only to find the right and precise direction of “qibla” dwarfed and obscured for them their materialist and physicalist understanding of masjid al haram, at least as I understand it from/in revelation. Prostration is done with the body even as soul prostrates and in some direction that is made masjid al haram by the meaning that physical direction ones soul has for it. Masjid al haram is not a physical direction (unless you are a materialist) but the meaning of the direction of ones prostration at any given time ( I can’t fall in multiple directions physically at a single moment). So please don’t show me your app that tells you what direction you will prostrate in. Take your physicalism and bury it in the physical lower earth. Perhaps than your direction of prostration will be towards the inviolable/haram sustainer

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