From dark to light

When I see dawn being broken by Him, when I see him bringing light after he had brought darkness of the night, I think of all the darknesses of my life – my losses and fears and worries – and I see that the truth of these darknesses, the truth of being made helpless and needy and of failing to attain what I find wanting to happen and unable to secure it and of being made to fall to my knees is that all of this makes me seek the One and find the One who is the light for those darknesses. Darkness exists for me so that I can look for, seek, notice, want and love light. The darkness of my worries about livelihood takes me to the light that says He is the provider and sustainer I need and love. The need for life, illness and my daily deaths, that He gives me help me see the light that is The Living One. May it be, May He grant, that every darkness of mine and of you, takes us to His light

Published by Faraz Sheikh

Faraz Sheikh

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