‘alameen [worlds/realms etc]

Praise is due to the lord/sustainer of the realms…

because there isn’t much praiseworthy about the sustainer of just the one realm that i can know..i couldn’t give praise to the life i see/know if the one by whose life anything was alive here was not also the sustainer with whom was life that i did not see here. life that disppeared or departed or lacked here – if it just went to nothing or was nowhere, of there was only the life that i could know in this realm (and only the beauty, wisdom, love, compassion, order, perfection etc that I could know) and nowhere else that it still was even if it wasn’t here, i would not praise a sustainer who was the lord and owner of the life of one [the present] realm only.

But to a lord who owns life and beauty that i see and who owns the life and beauty that of other realms, where they must be as not all that I want is here (of everything that i want). for a being like me, if you are going to tell me that all praise is due to someone, you better tell me that the praise is due to lord of all realms, not just the one I know. what is missing here is missing because there is another realm whose lord is my lord and so it seems he has endowed me with [taught me] deep awareness of the need for absolute life and beauty in order for the lord of any of these to be praiseworthy at all..

so yes, i can truthfully say praise be to the lord of all realms..but i can’t truthfully say praise be to the lord of this realm..no compassion or mercy would i recognize in a life-giver or sustainer who gave life and took it away, gave it such that it lacked order even if there was some order, that showed compassion but not enough that everyone could get everything they wanted and so on…

alhumdulillahi rabbil alamin…or there is nothing really praiseworthy to praise..

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