Your God is One God

Here, today I say this about the above:

if I am my owner or if I am a being of nature (even if I say I have a creator or God), then my wants and desires are just delusional and pathetic wishes of a needy/greedy impotent and wretched being. If I own myself in addition to being a creature of a creator, then my most proximate owner is me and my wants tell me about my own delusional nature.
If however my God is One and I do not own any part of me and nature owns no part of me, then the wants and desires I carry, as what must be some sort of a trust given me by my maker, God, are messengers bearing news for me from my maker about who He is and what He wants for me. And it is in this i.e. in having One God that I can then know that He wants for me perfect and lasting pleasure/joy. He calls it gardens or Paradise where there are hearts satisfied and well pleased and no death. This news is already in me – I just need to have One God by stripping this status away from myself, nature, society, time (especially the past or history) and whatever else that makes me kill the messengers and revere and deem powerful and dispensers of benefits and harms other than Him.
may my God be One. May I hear, again and again and whenever I listen to and obey His messengers within me, that He wants for me an everlasting life of perfect contentment. Now that’s something truly to look forward to

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