my successful hedonism

the desire and pursuit of endless pleasure, without restraint or limit, is one way to desribe a hedonist attitude.

this hedonism fails when endless pleasure is denied (in experience, in memory and in thought and anticipation of the future) unless it is replaced or substituted by what is better than it (another verse in the Quran) – to desire endless pleasure in the Name of the One who wants endless pleasure for me. When the desire for endless pleasure is His will for me (the soul is a command/amr of its Lord), when it is Bismillah that is, it is a sign of, and witness to the existence of, the endless and endlessly pleasurable existence. it is a realization that because taking pleasure in my own name and therefore from things in their name is a falsehood and a failure for the soul.

i cannot refuse that i want endless pleasure. it is this refusal that makes me refuse a false hedonism and affirm the truth of bismillah and attain, if you want to call it that, a sucessful hedonism. as soon as i turn to limited beings for endless pleasure, my aim is thwarted and my petition rejected by the beings, who then seem an enemy to me.

be a hedonist..but dont let it fail you. the truth of Bismillah can give me what i want.

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Faraz Sheikh

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