the unblemished hand of moses, 20:22

a hand that remains empty even after taking hold of something is free from the blemish of denying the thing (and the one whose hand it is) a (re)turn to their source – such a hand is empty because it sends forth whatever love/desire grasped so all beloveds/desired may remain found and not be lost. blemish for a hand is to lose what it held because a hand, holds (whatever else it may do). freedom from blemish for a hand is that it does not lose what it holds. and the way to avoid loss/blemish is to send it forth.

How does a hand send it forth? by recognizing that not only the unseen (What in the heavens and under the soil) is God’s. but that all that is in the visible, tangible realm is being moved by other than itself – the “staff” is alive by the command of its source and is giving benefit to me in His name. On its own, it is lifeless and cannot be the source of the benefits I get through it. What the hand holds is His. The benefits are from Him, a sign of His power and mercy. In so realizing, i send the mercy and power and benefit i love to its source. I expect to find these with Him. The hand is emptied so that one can receive from Him, not, as if, by taking on one’s own and as one’s own (a pharonic attitude discussed later in the verses).

Everytime I use it, my hand must come out “white”, without blemish…IF i am to follow Moses that is and see the signs that he/I are being shown here…

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