what the maker says, not what you say

If a person does not have an interest in finding out what the maker has to say about how to understand reality, what to think, how to feel, what meaning to give to things, how to respond to what “is”, then I do not have an interest in what this person has to say. Because I wouldn’t know how to make sense of what they would be saying, I wouldn’t know what meaning to give it, how to respond to it truthfully. If people think they can make up their own truth and they are not going to ask their maker to reveal it to them, then I turn away from these people. They are their own gods. Their ethics and their culture and their community and their race and their country and their heroes and their histories and their stories are their gods. They get meaning from these things. They ask these things for help in making sense of things, help with responding to reality and so on. I am despaired of such false sources of meaning. They have no share in creation and no knowledge. Without turning to my maker for guidance, I would be lost and yet imagine I am guided. To the extent possible, I act in the name of the Just, the Merciful. I act as His slave and His deputy. I express and witness His truth. I am made grateful with His gratitude, I live with His life and I die by the death He creates and I am resurrected with His Lordship. I am accountable to His wisdom, knowledge, justice and mercy. I can live like this here and now. This is not some mystical bullshit for me. My maker speaks to me and guides me with ‘bismillah’, which I witness is true – nothing can do what it appears to be doing, in its own name. It is doing in the name of the One who has what it takes for the thing to be done. No indignation is possible for human beings without His mercy and justice and compassion being its agent and source. His armies are at work. I am witness. Being this way, I hope I am useless to those who give power to created beings, who think politics is the answer or is inevitable. It is not the answer. Relating myself and all things to their real source is the answer and reading all things in His name is the answer. This is the path of safety, the way that leads, in each situation and instance, to Him. When I fail from this path, only He can guide and forgive. When I am on this path, only He has set me aright on it. This is my testimony based on the message I get from my maker.

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Faraz Sheikh

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